Fin Football Academy is an arm of FinFootball, which was formed in 2014 with branch in Nigeria and extended to Kenya, a unique and prominent sporting outfit that is making excellence her watchword in the Sports Industry. Here at FinFootball Academy we offer hands-on professional soccer training services, using ultra-modern sporting tools, our mode of operation is, simple, flexible and productive, we recruit players of three categories, U15-11, U19-16, and Senior Team, Players under the Academy are automatically signed up to our Management Agency known as FIN Football Management Agency.

We initiate, coordinate and manage after-school soccer clubs for schools, and children, our objective is to prepare and equip players technically, tactically and mentally from teenage till they matured to join a pro club. We also expose them to clubs and some training tours locally and abroad because we run some exchange programs with some big Academies in Africa and Europe.

We believe also that our players should have basic education, so we have links with some schools that we send players who are willing to be educated because our motto is football and education.

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